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A camper equipped with air suspension handles uneven surfaces like a pro, even up to 10cm!

Although air suspension may not be a traditional staple for a camper van, today we’ll delve into why it’s worth considering.

Ireland, the land of endless greenery, majestic cliffs, and tranquil lakes, has a rich culture of camping that stretches back to the 1960s. Today, it remains a beloved activity, with Failte Ireland reporting that over half of domestic holiday trips were camping or caravanning excursions.

There’s a sense of liberty when it comes to journeying in a camper van, exploring at your own pace, following the rugged coastline or meandering through Ireland’s verdant countryside. You find your sanctuary in nature, far from the bustle of traditional campsites. However, these enchanting, off-the-beaten-path spots don’t always offer the most level terrain. That’s where air suspension proves its worth.

Air suspension can handle uneven surfaces effortlessly, accommodating unevenness of up to 10cm. This ability can have a substantial impact on the comfort of your camping experience, making your camper van feel like home, even on the most rugged Irish terrains.

With air suspension, you can savour your steaming cup of Irish tea, knowing it will sit firmly on the counter without any threat of tipping or spilling. Your morning routine of preparing a hearty breakfast isn’t disrupted by unexpected tilts or slides.

Furthermore, air suspension ensures that your shower water flows smoothly into the drain. It also makes the task of emptying the waste tank considerably easier, as you can adjust the vehicle’s level for efficient waste disposal.

Also, you can be assured of a comfortable and steady sleep, as the air suspension prevents you from rolling off the bed due to uneven surfaces. After all, there’s nothing quite like a restful slumber under the canopy of Irish stars.

Additionally, air suspension comes to the rescue when dealing with uneven load distribution in your camper. These air cushions support heavy loads, maintaining a balance that traditional suspensions struggle to achieve.

Moreover, those jingling sounds from the kitchen while driving on the rustic Irish roads can be minimized. The cushions in the air suspension effectively dampen those noises, letting you enjoy a serene drive through the picturesque landscapes.

Thanks to the air suspension, you can also maintain better control over your vehicle while maneuvering through roundabouts, windy lanes, or gravel paths. It smoothens the ride, allowing you to reach secluded spots without the usual jolts and jerks.

Most importantly, your overall camping experience becomes markedly more comfortable and safer with air suspension, offering peace of mind as you soak up the breathtaking natural beauty of Ireland.

So, are you ready to take your camping experience to the next level? Embrace the Irish tradition of camping and add air suspension to your camper van. Don’t let uneven terrains hamper your journey. Click on the link below to upgrade your camper today and unlock a world of comfort and stability. It’s an investment in your adventures you won’t regret!

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